Potential Avanza “facelift” model by Handy Noverdanius and Sarina lesmina
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Our channel checks with the dealers suggest that this is the Avanza facelift model

Tentative price: Rp196-244mn, increase by Rp5mn from the current models (~2-3%). However, the price still cheaper than Xpander (Rp201-256mn) model by ~2.5-5%.
Booking has started with Rp5mn of booking fees
Launching time: Some dealers said that it will be launched around mid-January to early February 2019.

From the look of it, even though it lacks the “wow” factor of Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios; it is better than expected given this is not a new model launch (tentative 2020) but a facelift. Attractive price points vs key rival- Xpander will also help, especially with Toyota having higher brand equity, and a perceived more comprehensive and better after-sales services (with Astra’ Auto2000). So, we expect the new facelift can help provide some support to the dwindling Avanza sales (6.9k units/month for 11M18, from 9.6k in 2017), but to be able to sell it at more than 10k units/month pre-2015, it needs a complete model change that can do well like Rush/Terios - especially amidst intense competition
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